Good speaking to you earlier. Click the first link to watch the video explaining how it works. Also click the links below to download some apps we have made for other takeaways. Play around with the functionality to see how it looks and feels nice & easy like Just Eat. The Set-up is FREE & you don’t pay anything up front. We send you the printer & 2500 leaflets, 2500 stickers & create the app for the app store, and create the app for the google play store, create the website page & domain. We just charge £199 for the printer, but that is not up front, and will charge you that as you get orders. Then it’s just £10 a week.



Click these websites domains & download the app you want & play around with the functionality.

Here is a step by step process of how this will work:
1.    Once you’re happy with the design, we will send out the printer + leaflets & you’ll receive this within 2 working days
2.    The apps will be created & sent to apple + android to review. This is done within a week.
3.    We will set out the marketing plan & you are ready to start switching your customers to your APP!